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Early to Rise:

Stop hitting the snooze button and start writing. Mornings set the tone for the rest of the day, which is probably why Gwyneth Paltrow, Anna Wintour and Michelle Obama are up-and-at-’em by 6 a.m. Successful bloggers get up early enough to achieve their writing goals before tackling daily tasks. For bloggers who double as a parent, media mogul or business owner, the value of an extra hour or more is priceless.

Me Time:

Starting the day earlier is only the beginning of a successful morning routine. Taking advantage of this extra time allows for much needed me time, which comes in the form a healthy breakfast, exercise and meditation.

Breakfast. A fulfilling breakfast that fuels the body will also help keep the mind focused on blogging instead of a rumbling tummy. Here’s an extra tip: Incorporate complex carbohydrates that break down slowly and provide energy throughout the day.

Today’s business buzz is all about influential marketing, so brands looking to engage their target market are seeking out key advocates and their endorsement power. These influencers draw attention to new products or services and persuade their audience to buy. These niche marketers are responsible for many of today’s viral sales.

Who are these key influencers? Common advocates include bloggers, industry experts, consumers and journalists.

“Bloggers can be highly influential and are the third-most-consulted consumer decision tool for shoppers,” according to AdWeek.