Have you ever been suffering through a problem that you thought was inherent to your industry or your life, only to find out that in fact you’re not alone – there are others that went through the same thing? Take a look at some of the frustrations we hear from clients after they first reach out. A few might just sound familiar.

I used to think Affiliate Marketing was a godsend but it’s just not working anymore.

I wasn’t always the CEO of ShopShare. I built my career in affiliate marketing. My determination, knack for numbers and relationship management skills made it a perfect fit for me, and I’ve never looked back.  

The better I got in the affiliate marketing space, though, the more I found that bottom of the funnel digital strategies were not enough, especially when it came to new or medium sized brands.  Something was missing, and that something was a holistic strategy that balanced affiliate marketing with targeted demand strategies, to raise awareness and build buzz.  

I’m a problem solver by nature — someone who lives for the chance to swoop in and make everything better.  I knew to drive consistent growth in an affiliate program, we  needed a fresh approach. A dynamic digital landscape had created the need for a more comprehensive and systemic solution, where expertise in multiple arenas could unlock insight and ROI.

I’m building our brand strategy, but I can’t decide how to best invest our marketing dollars – PR? Social? SEO? Affiliate? Media? Content?

Ah, the age old question – and a high stakes one, at that.

We built our holistic approach to influencer marketing based on this common marketer woe, and we’ll happily impart here to you what our clients have confirmed for us time and again:  No one person across any department or specialty can accomplish what ShopShare can do with a single campaign.  

One of our clients, a growing brand in the beauty space, started working with ShopShare in October.  Over the course of five months, we created and implemented 25 influencer campaigns that delivered three brand touchpoints per influencer’s owned media including content with SEO benefits, social posts and display. .  And here are the numbers we love the most:  Revenue  growth? 67% and 84% month over month, for the past two months. We have successfully identified a trailing phenomenon in bottom of the funnel channels due to strong demand strategies at the top of the funnel.

I’m overwhelmed by the options I have and I don’t have the time or the money to experiment.

We believe that brands should not have to shoulder the burden of guessing and experimenting.   Why go through that, when you can leverage ShopShare’s expertise?  We learn about your brand , your products and your objectives, and then take it from there with a customized cross-channel influencer campaign strategy.  We then fully execute that strategy on your behalf.

I know influencer marketing can work, but it’s not working for me.

We hear this a lot.  Influencer Marketing is a delicate proposition.  It’s not a switch you can flick on and off, it’s a multi-layered process, and one where things can go haywire at any step of the way.   From properly targeting influencers, to ensuring content deadline accountability to delivering client assets and validating compliance to monitoring ROI and optimizing campaigns based on key metrics, inexperience with any of these can make or break a campaign.

ShopShare has developed a 10-step process that we execute on our clients’ behalf. We designed it by applying best practices we’ve acquired from campaign after campaign. It’s one of our key differentiators, and one our clients love, since it allows them to step completely out of the weeds.

Going back and forth with different partners handling all different elements of our marketing strategy is taking up too much of my day and hindering my ability to add value to my organization.

Something we hear often from our clients is how much more productive and effective they can be at work after partnering with us. It surprises them, but it never surprises us, since one of our key charters has always been protecting our clients’ bottom line. It’s visible in all that we do; when we’re saving hours upon hours by executing our ten-point process or introducing unprecedented ROI through our cross-channel know-how.

I really wish there were a better way.

There is through ShopShare Network’s multi-faceted influencer campaigns that deliver customized, holistic strategies leading to long-lasting buzz – with SEO benefits that facilitate ongoing relationships reaching a larger audience.

We can’t wait to learn about you and tell you more about what we can do.  Reach out today to set up a call.