Finally, a holistic approach to
content marketing through
ShopShare’s influencers.

Independent sponsored product reviews last just a couple of days and ad hoc social posts last a couple hours but with ShopShare Network we specialize in building demand generation campaigns by supporting sponsored content with display advertising as well as cohesive social media messaging delivering up to 3 touch points across relevant influencer assets.

ShopShare Network Workspace

Look no further than ShopShare Network for a holistic approach to influencer campaigns and a team you can count on to get the job done. While the reach and engagement of sponsored content and product reviews last only days and ad hoc social media posts last mere hours, ShopShare Network’s multi-faceted campaigns deliver long-lasting buzz with SEO benefits that facilitate ongoing relationships and a large audience reach.

  • Our service is platform agnostic, features direct display buys and enforces your brand’s guidelines.
  • We offer flat product review fees, so there’s no confusion when it comes to cost.
  • We provide reporting so you know how your campaign is performing.

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ShopShare Publisher Suitcase

Partner with ShopShare Network to try new products in the categories of beauty, grooming, fashion, and lifestyle — then share your experiences with your audience through product reviews, social media outreach, and display ads.

The first step is to fill out our Influencer Profile Application. If approved, we’ll match your influencer profile with specific brand campaigns and audience-targeting goals. We’ll present the brand opportunities that you are qualified for, and then ship the gifting products to you. After delivery of campaign assets, drafts are scheduled and the campaign is launched.

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